The trail through cultures


THE IDEAWe’d like to connect our two hometowns, which are located in two different continents, with a new walking trail. Furthermore we want to walk „only on foot“ along our new way to get to know all cultures located on it.
WHO WE AREWe are Gulaim, born in a small town called Erkin-Saj in Northern Kyrgystan, and Jochen from the South German city Weingarten, which is situated not far from Lake Constance. We know each other since more than ten years, having meanwhile two beautiful children - 19 and 8 years old - and are living near Munich.
OUR TRAILThe new trail leads from Southern Germany to the Central Asian state Kyrgyzstan, in total through sixteen countries. We didn’t choose the shortest geographical way, but a route which is bearing a lot of relations to our own cultures.
ROUTEFirstly, we are heading to the Mediterranean Sea in Italy and want to continue walking through all three islands Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily. We are then walking along the Southern Italien coast until Apulia. Thereafter we will hike on the other side of the Adriatic Sea in Albania. Through Middle and Southern Greece we will reach the end of Europa in Rhodes. In Asia our way will lead us through Turkey to the Caucasian region and finally to the Caspian sea. Through Iran and the Turkmen steppe and following some pieces of the Silk Road we want to reach Kyrgystan.
RULES We are walking only „on foot“ in several stages of a couple of days to two weeks maximum. If water is seperating parts of our trail, we are happy to travel by boat. Exactly at this point, where the last stage ended, the next one will start soon thereafter.
TIME FRAMEWe estimate to be able to make some twenty kilometres each day in average. The distance in total would be around 9500 kilometres. Not including outward and return journeys, we should be on our trail for about 500 days. Our final destination in Kyrgystan we’d like to reach in 12 about years.