Original plan

Concept 2010



Time table



2010From Weingarten in South Germany and through Switzerland and North Italy to the Southern end of the Po Plain.
2011Crossing Liguria to the Mediterranean Coast. Thereafter through Corsica and Sardinia, each from North to South.
2012Through Sicily from West to East, though Calabria and Basilicata
2013Through Puglia to the Adriatic Sea. Then, continuing in South Albania and passing Northern Greece. Crossing whole Northern Greece and the Peloponnese peninsula.
2014 Crete from West to East, followed by Carpathos and Rhodos - to the border of Europe.
2015From Fethiye in the region Antalya in Southwest Turkey.
2016Through Central Anatolia passing the cities Konya, Kayseri and Sivas.
2017Through cities Ercincan, Erzurum into the Far East of Turkey and further to the border of Georgia.
2018Through Georgia from Southwest to East. Side trip into Armenia and back to Georgia. Through Azerbaijan from West to East ending in Baku at the Caspian Coast.
2019Through Iran to the border of Turkmenistan
2020Continuing though the steppe to Ashgabat.
2021 Through Ashgabat turning North to Buchara. Crossing Buchara and along the Silk Road to Samarkand.
2022From Samarkand in Uzbekistan through Western Tadjikistan into the valley of Fergana. Through South Kyrgyzstan, Osh. Crossing the Ala Too mountains and ending up in Erkin-Saj in North Kyrgyzstan.